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How to lose belly fat in 1 week

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Exercise is also known as physical activity. In simple terms exercise is any movement that works your body at a greater intensity than your usual level of daily activity.

Exercise raises your heart rate and works your muscles and is most commonly undertaken to achieve the aim of physical fitness.

To find a suitable level of exercise for your body, start gently and slowly increase the intensity and the length of time that you exercise for.

Exercise should challenge your body and be at a greater intensity than your usual level of daily activity.

Don’t go crazy or you may suffer in the morning! However, don’t be shy about getting hot and sweaty during your workouts but make sure that you can still talk.

Your aim should be to gradually increase your activity levels over time.

As your body adapts to meet the new challenges that you set for it your routine will become easier. When it gets easier it is time to increase the exercise intensity or try something new.

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Examples of Exercise

Examples of exercise include:

  • gardening
  • walking
  • jogging
  • swimming
  • dancing
  • tennis
  • yoga
  • skipping
  • resistance exercise
  • squash
  • boxing
  • workout DVDs

But remember, if it isn’t challenging it isn’t exercise!

We also encourage you to do exercise everyday because it has so many health benefits.

Why is Exercise Important?

  1. Improved heart and lung efficiency, reducing your chances of developing heart disease.
  2. Increased metabolic function, enabling you to maintain a healthy weight.
  3. Strong joints and muscles, so you can meet the demands of daily life.
  4. Maintenance of posture and flexibility, to keep you walking tall.
  5. Production of endorphins in your brain, promoting a sense of well being.
  6. There is also research emerging that indicates that exercise can increase brain function.


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