About US


My name is Ebuka Emmanuel a graduate of Biochemistry from FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY OWERRI who fell in love with health and fitness as an undergraduate. I also have passion for yoga, especially handstands. I am an expert in Nutrition Biochemistry and with that I want to share the knowledge I have. I have always been interested in optimizing my own health and after a while, people started asking me questions. It was from that point that I decided to be a personal trainer and help people online.”


Informationspike is a forum that shares information about health, fitness, skincare, woman care , yoga vitamins and supplements for weight lose. It’s an educative forum that has helped people get good health and get fit.


Principle #1: We believe that your diet determines 85% of your health and well-being.

When most people have a medical issue like dry skin, they usually turn to a moisturizer to solve the problem. While moisturizers are great, this is still the wrong “pill fix” mentality. The right question one should ask is “WHY do I have dry skin?”

Maybe your skin is dry because you are drinking virtually 0 cups of water a day:)

Did you ever think that maybe those persistent headaches you get are not just random, but actually caused by a food intolerance?

Maybe the reason you are always farting is that your body isn’t jiving with what you are eating. 😛

These are just some of the many examples why…

Food is medicine.

Now food can’t cure everything, but you’d be damn surprised by how many “problems” people currently have and how their diet affects (and sometimes causes) them.

Your health, wellness, and beauty should not be a never-ending cycle of putting on bandages to cover things up. If you eat healthy on the inside, you will radiate on the outside.

Principle #2. We believe in quality over quantity.

Counting calories is mundane, boring, and most people are terrible at it.

We’re not big fans.

When you focus on eating lots of high-quality nutritious foods, getting in under your calories becomes almost automatic.

It’s not just about the calories, it’s what each of those calories is doing for you!

Principle #3. We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all diet.

What you eat should be determined by your individual goals, tolerances, and intolerances.

Some people have celiac disease and cannot process gluten, and some people can.

Having a one-size “cure all” diet does not make any sense.

How you eat should also depend on your individual goals.

The optimal diet for weight loss is different than the optimal diet for skin health. The optimal diet for muscle gain is different for both of those.

What you eat should be determined by your goals as much as your individual needs and problems.